Serious accidents related to the use of MRI still happen and more often than you would imagine. Those accidents can be prevented by adequate and recurrent training. We use a hybrid training model with both online and complementary onsite courses. Our trainings are accessible for everyone and our online education platform allows you to complete the course on your own pace. Our online education platform allows for follow-up and automated recurrent training. Personnel can be yearly motivated to follow the refresher course and new hires can immediately jump into the course. This is our away to guarantee safety.



Our MR safety trainings are tailored to different profiles that come into contact with MRI.

Aimed at those that might enter the radiology department but never work with an MRI system:
  • Cleaning service
  • Technical department
  • Security
  • Patient transport
  • ...
 Participants of the course can guarantee their own safety and that of others by recognizing the dangers of MRI.

Level II is specifically intended for radiographers and medical imaging professionals who work with the MRI system.They must guarantee the safety of the patient, other employees and themselves.The training consists of a general explanation of the dangers. We go more into depth about the dangers involved in the use of MRI:
  • patient preparation
  • patients with implants
  • risk of contrast agents
  • SAR management
  • ...

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