The purchase of an imaging system is a time-consuming process: defining your needs, building a tender document reflecting your needs, analysis of the different quotes, comparing the different quotes and finally making a profound decision. Moreover, the process requires technical and clinical expertise as well as substantial market insights. Our expertise enables a time and cost-effective purchase process delivering you the right system configuration for the right price.


How can we help?

We facilitate the entire procurement process or we can assist at different time points during. In the initial phase we define and translate your clinical needs to an optimal system configuration. This can result in a customized tender document. In a final phase we analyze, compare and score the submissions and give our valuable insight on the different offers.


The following services can be provided as a whole or separately.

We thoroughly analyze your current configurations, the use of applications and way of working. We listen to the users and define the optimal system configuration that responds to your current and future needs. We use this information for a systematic market research.

Your clinical needs are translated to technical specifications, questions and products resulting in a customized tender document. A dedicated tender document will result into more transparent offers allowing you to compare more easily apples with apples.


You might have spent some time already writing your tender but you struggle defining technical questions to your needs. We can help you finalizing the tender specification document so you are sure you didn’t miss important elements.

Analyzing the quotes and seeing through the marketing messages is not an easy task. It requires technical knowledge, clinical perspective and excellent market insights.

  • We do the scoring of the tender specifications.
  • We visualize clinical value and make the quotes transparent for you.
  • We provide an intuitive and objective comparison of the quotes, allowing you to see the best value for money.
  • We give confidence in your decision.

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