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Purchase advice

B-RESONANT ensures an efficient procurement procedure from market exploration, drawing up the technical specifications up to and including a conclusive award report.

In addition, B-RESONANT can also support the project from a engineering point of view, both at the level of purchase and implementation.


B-RESONANT ensures the continuity of your clinical activities when a staff member is absent. If desired, we also ensure continuity with a temporary mobile system.

We also support partners with the installation and service of hardware and software.


B-RESONANT offers tailor -made online , physical and hybrid training courses.

In addition, we also offer recurring courses through our online e -learning platform , including MRI safety. This allows us to monitor the staff and report to those responsible.

New developments

Medical Equipment Purchasing Guide:

B-RESONANT is working on a purchase guide that you can consult during your market exploration. The first thing we present to you is an overview of medical imaging devices.


Together with our partners from Medcap, we are working on MEDPLaNNER, an innovative platform for the optimization of planning, quality and productivity.
MEDPLANNER is the only platform that meets the needs of radiologists, referring physicians and patients. Through our multidisciplinary team, Medcap turns the difficulties of online planning into opportunities that improve productivity and quality.

MEDPLANNER is committed to tackling phenomena such as MRI shopping, no-shows and long waiting times. Have a look at MEDPLANNER

We speak the language of the doctors, the purchasing department and the industry and thus form the bridge between the two departments and the industry.

Why work with us

With our product knowledge, clinical/technical background and strategic insight, we get the right configuration at the right price.


Healthcare professionals need to make time for their patients. B-RESONANT reduces the difficulties and concerns that often accompany important decisions and situations, such as the purchase of new equipment, staff shortages or system downtime. We make this possible thanks to a multidisciplinary team.


Make B-RESONANT the company healthcare professionals can rely on for advice and support in medical equipment. Both hospitals and the medical sector need advice and support.

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