Purchase advice
and support

B-RESONANT assists with the purchase of medical equipment with a strong specialization in medical imaging equipment, in particular MRI and CT. The pragmatic and strategic approach also shows its usefulness for more hospital -wide purchases including ultrasound but also other equipement such as patient monitoring, C-arms etc.

Efficient purchasing process

When doctors in the hospital want to replace their MRI system, CT system or other medical equipment to maintain or improve their clinical activities, it means a lot of extra work. After all, for the mandatory tender they have to explore the market, draw up a technical description, evaluate the offers and, depending on the procedure, contribute to the negotiations.

The purchasing department of the hospital is also closely involved in the purchase. They mainly deal with the administrative and legal side. At the same time, they must also include the clinical needs in their documents and finally write a well-argued award report.

Furthermore, construction elements are often involved, which must be included in the specifications, but also require the necessary coordination and follow-up during implementation. And this is where B-RESONANT makes the difference.

Extensive market knowledge

Thanks to a complementary team, the language and expertise are tailored to the various stakeholders. The clinical, purchasing and engineering needs are therefore well understood and correctly included in the specifications.

Thanks to B-RESONANT’s extensive market knowledge, we objectify the market and indicate what is clinically relevant. This means that no unnecessary costs are incurred, and also that no clinically relevant matters are missed.

Thanks to clearly well-drawn specifications, the quotations from the suppliers can be compared 1 on 1.

The knowledge and experience from the industry leads to a good strategy in the negotiation discussions.

Thorough knowledge of public procurement law ensures that the procedure runs smoothly.

The award reports are clear and conclusive.

Method of B-RESONANT

To assist purchasing departments and radiologists in the process, we take a pragmatic and strategic approach, adapting to the department’s and hospital’s working methods to arrive at the right solution. That approach is as follows:

Preparatory phase

We talk to the doctors to see what they are doing with the systems today and what they want in the future.

Based on this information, we conduct a market research. We make sure that suppliers give product presentations to the doctors so that they know exactly what is on the market.

We discuss the presentations with the doctors in order to define the must have’s and nice to have’s.

We do not only look at the system, but also at the whole picture: from hardware to artificial intelligence, the best way to offer training, way of working, patient comfort, maintenance, structural elements, etc. but also follow-up and guidance.

“We don’t just look at the system, but at the complete picture.”

Tender specifications

We write the technical/clinical part of the tender and, if desired, also the engineering part.

After all, this is often a sore point: due to a lack of time, the technical provisions are not always adapted to the reality and local situation. As a result, the suppliers do not know exactly what to offer and the quotations are often difficult to compare. That is why we define in advance exactly what the doctors want.

Thus, we look at which elements of the particularly expensive equipment can be saved on. We also ensure that all necessary functions/options are immediately available on the equipment. This is important because when these options have to be purchased at a later date, new budget has to be requested and most often these options become more expensive.


In this time-consuming phase, we objectively compare all offers from the suppliers based on the technical provisions and the specifications’ award criteria. We compare the different names of options, the various packaging, etc. We then present these first results to the stakeholders.

Negotiation phase

Our strong clinical and industrial background allows us to advise on the best negotiation strategy to follow.

By negotiating in a targeted fashion, we not only save valuable time, but also a lot of financial resources.

Reporting and award report

Once the supplier has been determined, we provide support to argue the choice of supplier in the award report. After all, other suppliers also get to read this.

Usually this is the particularly difficult task of the purchasing department. With the help of the B-RESONANT team, the argumentation is clear and conclusive.

“With our guidance, you can confidently make the right decision for the right system.”

Together we achieve the optimal solution for your clinical needs.

Engineering support

The installation of an MRI system, for example, involves a lot of construction elements that must be correctly included in the specifications in function of the current infrastructure. For this, the necessary resources and knowledge are not always available in-house. Thanks to its own project engineer, B-RESONANT is also the partner for including the engineering part in the specifications and furthermore to coordinate and follow-up the installation.

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