B-RESONANT offers both theoretical and practical training.


Our online platform is under continuous development. We currently offer our MRI safety courses through our platform. This MRI safety course is offered at two levels:

Level 1

At this level, people from the facility department, security, emergency, patient transport, etc. receive basic training in order to guarantee their own safety and that of others.

Level 2

Level II is specifically intended for radiologists and medical imaging professionals who work with the MRI system. They must guarantee the safety of the patient, colleagues and themselves.

The training consists of a general explanation of the hazards. We take a closer look at the dangers of using MRI:

Application training MRI and CT

We also provide on-site physical application training to guide people on the MRI and CT systems. Also here, the training is fully tailored to your needs and wishes.

Hybrid training

A hybrid form of training is also possible. In addition, you learn the theory online at your own pace via our education platform and we will explain that theory in a practical way on site. This way you have the best of both worlds.

Follow up

We also monitor your staff and report to you. The staff will then periodically receive a certificate. This way you are ensured that they are aware of the latest safety standards.

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