Further support

Looking for staff?

If someone in your hospital falls out due to illness, B-RESONANT will support you by temporarily providing an experienced radiographer.

That way you always have someone who can operate an MRI, CT or any other medical imaging device.

This person can also assist in working with these devices or coordinate the work.

“B-RESONANT ensures the continuity of your clinical activities.”

Temporary mobile device

We also ensure continuity by organizing and coordinating a temporary mobile device, usually a mobile MRI or CT. This device will then arrive on site while the new device is being installed. This way downtime is avoided! Just like with a purchase, we look for the best solution on the market and negotiate to get the best price.

Installation and maintenance

For partners, We perform the installation and/or service of mainly AI software to make the existing equipment work even better.

Engineering support

B-RESONANT offers engineering support for the replacement of your system from the pre-project phase to delivery:

How do we do this?

Why ?

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