About us

Christian Bigot , PhD, and Dimitri Roose , PhD, both have scientific backgrounds where they used medical imaging to arrive at their research results. They enriched their medical imaging knowledge at different large industry players. Together they form a dynamic team with complementary knowledge and expertise.

However, they noticed that the purchasing process of medical imaging devices in hospitals was not always easy because it is not obvious to compare the different players in the market and to stay up-to-date.

That is why they set up an efficient purchasing procedure with an optimal system for the best price. In this way they contribute to quality, productivity and safety during the life cycle of the system.

Dimitri Roose, PhD

Geoffrey Buelens

Christian Bigot, PhD

The result is B-RESONANT , with which they assist medical imaging departments and provide additional training so that they can get the most out of the device, have more time for their patients and ensure continuity.

Meanwhile, their services extend beyond the radiology department. B-RESONANT is happy to assist with the purchase of equipment in the entire hospital, which is usually a more complex project.

In 2022, Geoffrey Buelens joined B-RESONANT as an experienced radiographer.

Fun fact:
B-RESONANT does not just stand for ‘Be resonant ‘, which we at B-RESONANT are every day. The letters B and R also stand for Bigot and Roose.


In the medical world, communication is not always unambiguous, so that important information can be lost.

We speak the language of the doctors, the purchasing department and the industry and thus form the bridge between the two departments and the industry.

In this way, the hospitals obtain exactly what they need for the best price and avoid unnecessary and additional costs afterwards.

Moreover, the B – Resonant team is Dutch, French and English speaking.

Some of our achievements

We offered the Antwerp University Hospital a complete solution for the purchase of three new MRI systems.

We supported the purchase of three new MRI systems and followed up on the installation. During the systems’ replacements, we provided a temporary mobile MRI solution to ensure continuity. To further ensure continuity, we helped implementing a completely new solution: Virtual Cockpit. This allows radiographers to operate multiple devices at the same time and, if necessary, also from home.

We supported ZNA with the purchase of a new MRI, CT and mammography system for the new Cadix Hospital. Afterwards we further supported ZNA through our partner ‘ Solvint ‘ with the purchase of various devices for both Cadix and the entire ZNA network. These included ultrasound systems, SPECT systems, SPECT-CT systems and systems for ophthalmology.

Hopital d’Arlon : support with the purchase of a new MRI system.

Hospital Princess Paola: support with the purchase of a new MRI system.

Treantzorggroep: the tender for three new MRI systems for the Emmen, Hoogeveen and Stadskanaal sites. The needs for each site were carefully drawn up and translated into a specifications document. Subsequently, B-RESONANT assisted in the evaluation of the offers and contributed to the negotiations.

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