RX guide

The X-ray machine is a vital tool used in medical imaging to capture images of the internal structures of the body. Here are some of the most important points regarding X-ray machines.

X-Ray tube

The X-ray tube is the core component of the machine that produces X-rays. It consists of a cathode and an anode, which generate the X-ray beam when high voltage is applied.

Control panel

The control panel allows the operator to adjust various parameters, such as exposure time, tube current, and kilovoltage peak (kVp). These settings determine the quality and intensity of the X-ray beam.


he collimator is a device that shapes and restricts the X-ray beam to the desired size and shape. It helps in reducing unnecessary radiation exposure to the patient and improving image quality.

Image Receptor

The image receptor captures the X-ray photons that pass through the patient's body. There are two main types of image receptors: film-based (analog) and digital detectors. Digital detectors, such as flat-panel detectors or image intensifiers coupled with a digital camera, are increasingly used due to their superior image quality and ease of processing.

Patient Table

The patient table is where the patient lies during the X-ray examination. It is designed to be adjustable and comfortable, allowing for proper positioning and alignment with the X-ray tube and image receptor.

Radiation Shielding

X-ray machines are equipped with lead shielding to protect the operator and other personnel from unnecessary radiation exposure. Shielding is essential to ensure the safety of individuals in the vicinity of the machine.

Safety Features

X-ray machines incorporate various safety features, such as exposure timers, dose monitoring, and interlocks, to prevent accidental overexposure and ensure radiation safety.

Mobile and Portable Units

X-ray machines come in different forms, including fixed units within dedicated X-ray rooms and mobile or portable units that can be brought to the patient's bedside or used in emergency situations. Mobile X-ray units offer flexibility and convenience in obtaining diagnostic images.

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